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Item # 100-3D

Professional Micro-Adjust Repair Stand Clamp

After years of research and testing we’ve built what we consider the best shop clamp made. It’s smooth, versatile and built to stand up to everyday shop use.

  • Fits the following repair stands: PRS-2, PRS-2 OS, PRS-2 OS-1, PRS-2 OS-2, PRS-3, PRS-3 OS, PRS-3 OS-1, PRS-3 OS-2, PRS-3.2-1, PRS-3.2-2, PRS-4, PRS-4 OS, PRS-4 OS-1, PRS-4OS-2, PRS-4W and PRS-33
  • Grips nearly any tube from 7/8” to 3” (23–76mm), including aero tubes
  • Micro adjustability allows perfect clamping pressure every time and prevents damage to thin-walled tubes
  • Long travel cam handle allows quick entry, adjustment and exit
  • Narrow clamping jaws (2.7”/7cm) fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. 
  • Durable, replaceable jaw covers
  • Soft Touch saddle cradle provides a perfect spot to temporarily rest a bike by its saddle

Buy online or find a local retailer (North America only). International Distributors.

  • Built to last: Powder coated, precision machined, die-cast aluminum main body parts and high quality small parts.
  • Infinitely adjustable: Micro adjustability for perfect clamping pressure every time, every tube.
  • Fast operation: Cam actuated adjustment system for quick entry, adjustment and exit. Handy “spinner” handle helps speed large size range adjustments.
  • Gentle, firm grip: Soft yet durable composite rubber clamping pads and a unique Soft Touch saddle cradle provide a perfect spot to temporarily rest a bike by its saddle.
  • Versatile: Grips nearly any tube including aero shaped tubing and seat posts 7/8” to 3” (23mm-76mm). Its narrow clamping jaws (2.7”/7cm) are designed to clamp securely yet fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. Saddle cradle provides a perfect spot to temporarily rest a bike.

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