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Power Lift Shop Stand

We created the PRS-33.2 with professional bike mechanics in mind, taking on the stress and strain of lifting bikes in and out of the stand so you can concentrate on the bike itself. The PRS-33.2 is easy to use and full of features, making it the strongest, most capable repair stand ever built.

Any Bike

The massive one-piece upright and precision-machined carriage assembly ensure a super-rigid workstation. The powerful electric motor effortlessly adjusts clamp height, and can hold any bike up to 120 pounds (54 kg), including e-bikes, cargo bikes, tandems or any virtually any other bicycle. The PRS-33.2 features the 100-3D Micro-Adjust Clamp, with a cam-actuated adjustment system for quick entry, adjustment and exit. The 100-3D features narrow clamping jaws to fit into tight areas or on short seat posts, and clamps nearly any tube from 23 to 76 mm (7/8" to 3"), including aero tubes and dropper posts.

Any Position

The clamp of the PRS-33.2 adjusts from 9" to 78" (23 cm to 198 cm) and rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to place the bike in any position imaginable. Perfect for lifting heavy e-bikes or for mechanics with lifting limitations, but also surprisingly useful for all types of bicycles and procedures — set any component at eye or hand level at the touch of a button.

Any Mechanic

The PRS-33.2 was designed to put everything a professional mechanic needs within reach. The oversized motor control buttons are conveniently built into the front of the carriage assembly, which also features an integrated tool tray and powered USB ports to charge components or bike computers. An additional tool tray is height-adjustable and features holes, slots, trays, and a 14" magnetic tool bar to keep common tools at hand and organized. The overhead accessory bar includes two preinstalled utility hooks and features a utility track that can be used to install air hose reels, lights and more.

The PRS-33.2 is single-sided but can be made into a double arm stand, each independently operated, with the addition of the PRS-33.2 AOK Add-On Kit. Can be mounted directly to the floor using the included oversized gussets, or attached to the 135-33 Repair Stand Base (sold separately) for movability.

NOTE: Online orders of the PRS-33.2 may require an additional 48 hours lead time before shipping. Please contact us to confirm availability.

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PRS-33.2 Features

  • Maximum weight capacity: 54 kg (120 lbs.)
  • Clamp capacity: round and aero tubes from 23 to 76 mm (7/8" to 3") wide
  • Jaw height: 70 mm (2.75")
  • Clamp height: electric motor-adjustable from 23 to 198 cm (9" to 78")
  • Full height with base and accessory bar: 236.6 cm (93.2") — see PRS-33.2 Dimensions for full measurements
  • Replaceable jaw covers (part #1960)
  • Integrated work tray and PRS-33TT Tool Tray included
  • Can be bolted directly to the floor or installed onto #135-33 Repair Stand Base (sold separately)
  • Electric motor and power supply are covered by a one-year warranty — see Park Tool Limited Warranty

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PRS-33.2 Power Lift Shop Stand