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3 Easy Ways to Get Answers

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    Click an area of the bike in the diagram below.
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    Select a term from the categories or tags menus to the right.
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    Search for a specific term using the search box at the top of the site.

Repair Help

Repair Articles

If you know the common term for the type of repair you want to perform, search for it.


If you only know the area of the bike you wish to work on, select the area from the CATEGORIES list or TAGS.

Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

Freshly updated to include new topics, techniques and equipment. Packed with hundreds of photos and hundreds of procedures, the BBB-3 provides both the novice and veteran mechanic the information needed to perform nearly any repair from trailside repairs to complete overhauls.

Park Tool School

The Park Tool School

Learn bicycle repair from your local bike shop in this hands-on clinic. To find U.S. Park Tool School clinics and training near you, enter your zip code in the North American Dealer Locator below.

Park Tool School

Calvin's Corner

Calvin’s Corner is an ongoing blog of tips and industry insights straight from our lead mechanic. Check back for new articles or SUBSCRIBE TODAY