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How to Center Park Tool Truing Stands Video

This article will discuss the calibration procedures for the TS-2, TS-2.2, TS-2.2P, TS-2.3, and TS-4.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stands. The same procedures and concepts apply to all stands.

How to Size and Install Shift Cable Housing Video

Properly sized and routed shift cable housing can make a huge difference in your bike's performance. This article will outline the process of sizing and cutting cable housing for derailleur systems.

The Park Tool Guide to Bicycle Lubricants and Compounds

A bicycle and its components require appropriate surface preparation in order to ensure optimal performance and durability. This article reviews the types of compounds available and which ones should be used in which applications.

Determining Spoke Length for Wheel Building Video

A properly-built wheel begins with properly-sized components. In this article, we will outline how to determine proper spoke length for your wheel build based on measurements of your rim and hub.

How to Build a Wheel Video

Wheel building is the process of attaching the rim to the hub using spokes and nipples as fasteners, and then bringing the entire structure up to proper tension.

Spoke Tension Measurement and Adjustment Video

A properly-tensioned wheel is stronger, and stays true longer. This article will review how to properly measure and adjust spoke tension.

Wheel Dishing (Centering) Video

Bicycles are designed with the front and rear wheels centered over the midplane of the bike. If the wheels are not centered, or out of dish, the bike can handle poorly. This article will review how to check and adjust bicycle wheel dishing by making changes to spoke tension.

Wheel Truing (Lateral & Radial)

If a bicycle wheel is out-of-true (meaning not sufficiently straight or round) it can affect riding performance and shorten the life of components. This article will outline the process of truing the common spoked bicycle wheel.

How Wheel Truing Works Video

Inside the structure of a bicycle wheel, there's a lot going on. Bicycle wheels rely on tension from the spokes to suspend the rim around the hub. Wheel truing is the process of adjusting this tension to affect how straight the wheel spins.

Spoke Wrench Selection

This article will review selecting the correct wrench for bicycle spoke nipples.

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