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Pedal Installation and Removal Video

This article will discuss the correct procedure for installing and removing bike pedals.

Pedal Retention Systems and Cleats

This article will discuss the various foot retention options for the bicycle. The pedals of the bicycle accept the foot and shoe. The cyclist's shoe is really the beginning of the bicycle drive train, especially if the intention is to achieve high performance. A sloppy fitting shoe will be as inefficient as loose bearings.

Shimano® SPD Pedal Service Video

A comprehensive guide to overhauling and adjustment of common Shimano® SPD-type pedals.

Pedal Bushing Repair Kit Procedure

This article will review the repair of stripped pedal crank threads using the pedal bushing repair kits. NOTE: Park Tool does not make or sell a pedal bushing repair kit. These kits are expensive and in most cases arm replacement in the best option. This article is offered only as an explanation of the process.

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