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Troubleshooting a Noisy Drivetrain Video

How to diagnose and repair a creaky or noisy bicycle drivetrain.

The Park Tool Guide to Bicycle Lubricants and Compounds

A bicycle and its components require appropriate surface preparation in order to ensure optimal performance and durability. This article reviews the types of compounds available and which ones should be used in which applications.

Torque Specifications and Concepts

This article will discuss the basics of torque and torque wrench use. See also related article on Basic Thread Concepts. This article includes a table of various torque recommendations.

Basic Thread Concepts

This article will discuss the basics of threaded fasteners and fastener tightening. The use of chemical threadlockers will also be discussed. Understanding basic concepts regarding fasteners and threads will improve the skill and knowledge of any mechanic.

Bike Washing and Cleaning Video

This article will discuss how to wash a bike, including the frame, drivetrain and wheels. Cleaning the bicycle makes it look great, last longer, and improves performance.

Complete Bike Assembly Checklist

This article is a list of recommended procedures necessary for the assembly of a new bike from a bare frame to a completed bike.

Road Positioning Chart

This article will describe the use of the Road Positioning Chart for competitive road bicycles. A similar article for mountain bikes is available at MTB Positioning Chart.

MTB Positioning Chart

This article will describe the use of the MTB Positioning Chart for competitive mountain bicycles. A similar article for road bikes is at Road Bike Positioning.

Packing the Bike

This article will discuss the procedure for packing and boxing a bicycle for shipment. This often means taking apart various parts of the bicycle. Although disassembly is an inconvenience for reassembly, it makes for a well-protected bicycle during transport. The safe transport of the bike relies heavily upon the effort put into packing.

Bicycle Mechanic Language Spreadsheet

This article links to a comprehensive spreadsheet of terms commonly used by bicycle mechanics, in order to help the traveling bicycle mechanic communicate more effectively.

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