Home Mechanic Tool List: Advanced

Maintaining your own bike can be fun, but it can also be confusing at times to know which tools you will need to perform the service you want. Below are a series of recommended tool lists for general maintenance of the average road or off-road bike. Attempt to develop two sets of tools: one for inside a seat bag for on-the-trail/road use, and another set for home use.


Advanced Tool List

What do I need to know how to do?

Because these lists are for “average” bikes, your particular bike may need more, less, or slightly different tools than what is listed here. For example, if your bike has a “threadless” headset, you will not need the headset wrench listed for threaded headsets. When in doubt, bring your bike to a professional bike shop and ask about a specific procedure or tool. Better yet, sign up for the Park Tool School, a class in bicycle maintenance at your local shop.

There are several sources of tools. Non-bicycle specific tools are usually available at better hardware stores, automotive shops, tool stores, and some department stores. Check with your local bike shop for specialty bicycle tools. When a Park Tool is our recommendation, the tool number is given. There are some cases where there may be more than one Park Tool that will work—in these cases, we will recommend either the most common or the simplest tool.

The Advanced Home Mechanic is tooled to fix most any bike a friend brings them. You can replace most all parts as well as cut and install new fork. You can pull bearing apart and service them. You want to be able to perform what bike shops typically call a “complete overhaul.” You will be working on your friends bikes as well as your own, so you may need more equipment than just for your bikes.

Tool Description Park Tool Product More Information
Bicycle Repair Stand See Portable, Shop, and Wall-Mount Repair Stands The stand forms the base of any good shop
Socket and Bit set SBS-1.2 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm hex bits T25, T30 and T40 Torx® style bits
8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15mm and 1″ sockets
Torque Wrench Park Tool Options For use on small threads, use TW-5.2
For larger thread and larger torques, use TW-6.2
3/8″ ratchet handle Hardware store Speeds installation and removal
Handlebar Holder HBH-2 or HBH-3 Keeps bars from swinging around while bike is in stand
Hex Wrench Set—hand set AWS-10 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm
Hex Wrench Set—individual L-shaped HXS-1.2 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm with holder
Screwdriver Set SD-SET 3/16″ and 1/4″ Straight Blade plus cross tip #0 and #2 (“Phillips”)
Hammer HMR-4 Double ended, steel and plastic
Combination Wrenches MW-SET.2, MWR-SET Box end with open end on other side. 6mm thru 17mm
12″ Adjustable Wrench PAW-12
Seal Pick UP-SET Includes a set of three picks each with magnet
Magnetic Parts Bowl MB-1 Useful during overhauls to hold small parts
Digital Caliper DC-1
Tape Measure RR-12
Needle nose pliers NP-6
Side cutting pliers SP-7
Snap ring pliers RP-SET.2 For C-clip removal
Hack saw SAW-1 Purchase also extra blades at hardware store in 32tpi
Carbon fiber cutting blades CSB-1 “Grit” blade of tungsten steel
Shop scissors SZR-1
Air compressor Hardware store Minimum 3.5 hp, 30 gallon tank, get larger if running air tools. Also get air line, quick couplers and air gun
Air compressor head (air chuck) INF-2
Files-various types and sizes Hardware store Flat mill bastard, rat tail, etc.
Hand tap—M10 TAP-10 Tap for 10mm x 1mm threads, such a derailleur hanger cleaning/repairing
Hand tap—M5 TAP-8 Tap for 5mm x 0.8mm threads, such as water bottle bosses
Tap handle TH-1, TH-2
Lockring Wrench HCW-5 Fits most all lockring types for adjustable square BB’s
Adjustable Cup Tool, hinged, heavy duty SPA-6 or SPA-1 Adjustable type bottom brackets
Fixed Cup Tool, 36mm HCW-4 Adjustable type bottom bracket fixed cups
Cartridge BB Tool BBT-22 Fits 20 tooth internal spline cups such as on Shimano® cartridge bottom brackets, FSA®, and Race Face® ISIS Drive bottom brackets
Bottom bracket external bottom bracket cup wrench BBT-9 Threaded cups 44mm in diameter and 16 notches:
Shimano® Hollowtech II®, Campagnolo®, Race Face®, FSA®, SRAM®, and more
Bottom bracket tool for torque wrench BBT-79.3 As needed—Threaded cups 46 mm in diameter and 12 notches:
Race Face® Cinch™, Rotor® BSA30, Zipp® Vuma™, Hawk Racing™ BB3086™, and more
Bottom bracket tool for torque wrench BBT-69.4 Threaded cups 44 mm in diameter and 16 notches:
Shimano® Hollowtech II®, Campagnolo®, Race Face®, FSA®, SRAM®, and more
Bottom bracket tool for torque wrench BBT-59.3 As needed—Shimano® threaded cups 41 mm in diameter and 16 notches:
Shimano® BBR60 (Ultegra® 11-speed 6800 series)
Bottom bracket tool for torque wrench BBT-49.3 Threaded cups 39mm in diameter and 16 notches:
Shimano® XTR® BB93, Dura-Ace® BB9000, Token®
Bottom bracket tool - 8 notch cartridge cups BBT-18 For ISIS Drive models using 8 ring notches
Headset lower race wrench (32 & 36mm) HCW-15 For threaded steering columns
Crown race setter CRS-1 Installs fork crown races. For oversized columns, add the CRS-15.2
Headset press HHP-3 Also used for press fit bottom brackets
Headset race remover RT-1 For oversized headsets, see the RT-2
Crown race remover CRP-2 Pulls off the fork crown race
Steering column saw guide SG-6 Good for 1″ and 1-1/8″. For oversized columns, see the SG-7.2.
Star nut installer TNS-4 For 1-1/8″ and 1″ columns
Axle vise AV-1 and/or AV-5 Holds axles without damaging threads
Cone wrenches SCW-SET.3 13mm thru 28mm excepting 25 and 27mm.
Truing stand TS-2.3 Speed repair of wheels
Truing stand base TSB-2.2 Tilting base for truing stand
Spoke tension meter TM-1 Check tension on spokes
Wheel dishing tool WAG-4 Also see optional WAG-5
Spoke wrenches Spoke Wrenches Many possible sizes and options. Select smallest size that fits.
Tire levers Tire Levers Levers vary in design and fit
Patch kit GP-2, VP-1 VP-1 has glue in tube; GP-2 has pre-glued patches
Floor pump Floor Pumps Pump head fits both presta and schrader
Spoke ruler SBC-1 Measures spoke length and ball bearings sizes
Pedal wrench PW-3 or PW-4 PW-3 has 15 & 9/16″; PW-4 has 15mm only
Crankarm pullers CWP-7, CCP-22, or CCP-44

CCP-44 is for round, splined ISIS Drive® or Shimano® Octalink only

CCP-22 is for square type spindle only

CWP-7 works with either square or round spindles

Cassette/freewheel removers FR-5.2G for the common cassette lockring For the common threaded freewheel — FR-1.3
Sprocket removal tool (Chain Whip)

SR-12.2, SR-2.3

Needed to hold cassette while lockring is removed
Chain rivet extractor CT-3.2 Compatible with 10 speed chain systems
Chain masterlink pliers MLP-1.2 Speeds working on masterlinks for derailleur chain
Chain wear checker CC-2 or CC-3.2 Check chain for wear
Drivetrain cleaning kit


Includes CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Cleaner, GSC-1 Gear Brush, and CB-4 Bio ChainBrite™ fluid
Derailleur alignment gauge DAG-2.2 Aligns rear derailleur hangers
Fourth hand tool BT-2 Tightens cable slack by pulling cable
Cable cutters CN-10 Cuts both cable and housing
Hydraulic brake piston press PP-1.2
8 mm metric flare wrench MWF-3 For hydraulic line compression nuts

Miscellaneous Parts and Supplies

Part / Supply More Information
Shop apron SA-1, SA-3
Bearing grease PPL-1 — Safe for suspension elastomers, ceramic bearings, and carbon fiber
Bicycle cleaning kit BCB-4.2
Dummy hub for bike washing DH-1
Chain lubrication CL-1
Thread locking adhesives TLR-1
Degreaser for chain and parts CB-4 Bio ChainBrite™
Hand cleaner Available from grocery and hardware stores
Alcohol For cleaning brake surfaces and press fits
Polisher (glass cleaner) For cleaning frames
Spare tubes Purchase to fit your tire size and valve type
Spare gear cables Use only high quality cables
Zip ties Various sizes and colors
Rags Lots and lots of cotton rags