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Retaining Ring Pliers Set

The RP-SET.2 is a set of five professional-quality snap ring pliers designed and built with the specific needs of the bike mechanic in mind. Sized to remove and install rings found on suspension components, brakes, dropper posts, bottom brackets, and more. Made from forged, heat-treated chromoly steel with a return spring and vinyl-dipped grips.

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RP-SET.2 Features

  • RP-1: 0.9mm straight internal — opens from 22mm down to 0 (tips touching)
  • RP-2: 1.3mm bent internal — opens from 22mm down to 2mm (center to center)
  • RP-3: 1.3mm bent external — opens from 2mm (center to center) up to 18mm
  • RP-4: 1.7mm bent internal — opens from 21mm down to 2mm (center to center)
  • RP-5: 1.7mm straight internal — opens from 25mm down to 0 (tips touching)

NOTE: Always use the pliers with the largest pins that fit into the eyelets of the snap ring.

RP-SET.2 Snap Ring Pliers Set