The Park Tool DAG-2.2 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge, click to enlarge
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Item # DAG-2.2

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Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

The DAG-2.2 is an indispensable shop tool that can be used to both measure and straighten misaligned derailleur hangers solving a high percentage of shifting problems.

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DAG-2.2 Features

  • Gauge bar made of heavy gauge, chrome plated steel
  • Adjusts to fit 20" to 29"+ wheels
  • Replaceable threaded tip
  • Upgraded large inner shaft for added strength*
  • Tighter tolerances for improved accuracy*
  • Improved clearance and reach to fit more frame/hanger combos including low clearance thru-axle derailleur hangers*
  • Compatible with virtually all derailleur-equipped bicycles including Shimano® Direct Mount hangers
  • Length: 16 inches (41cm)

*Compared to DAG-2



  • Bicycling Review Park Tool’s Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge is on its third iteration. The DAG-2.2 gets a head design refined to make it stronger, and the longer, narrower threaded tip is replaceable and better fits hangers that have a hood or tight frame clearance. The tighter tolerances of the 2.2 mean I can get hangers aligned a bit quicker. It also meant less wiggling of the arm on the head to find an alignment point, resulting in better precision when aligning new or bent hangers.

  • BikeRadar: Best New Bike Gear Poor rear shifting is all too commonly caused by a mis-aligned rear derailleur hanger. To correct this, a derailleur alignment tool provides the answer and there’s none more commonly used than the Park Tool DAG. The DAG-2.2 is a shop-tool that’s priced to be accessible to all.

DAG 2.2 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge