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Crank Puller — Square Tapered

The CCP-22 is a purpose-built tool for removing crank arms from bicycles with three-piece cranks that use an M8 crank bolt, including common square tapered cranks, SRAM® PowerSpline® cranks, FSA® Power Drive cranks, and BNI cranks on Bosch® e-bike systems. The CCP-22 uses extra-fine thread and a long, comfortable handle that provides the needed leverage to remove even the tightest cranks. The strong floating tip system ensures smooth operation and long life.

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CCP-22 Features

Compatible with systems that use an M8 or M10 threaded crank bolt, including:

  • Square taper
  • SRAM® PowerSpline®
  • BNI cranks for Bosch® e-bike systems


  • For crank systems that use an M12 or M14 crank bolt, such as ISIS Drive or Octalink®, use the Park Tool CCP-44 or CWP-7.
  • The CCP-22 is designed for crank arms with M22 x 1.0 extractor threads. Crank arms found on some fitness equipment use nonstandard extractor threads and are not compatible with Park Tool crank pullers. Check with the equipment manufacturer for tool recommendations.


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CCP-22 Crank Puller