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  • Mechanics Speak

    We recently went out west to follow the Tour of California. It was a great chance to talk to many of our friends who fill the ranks of professional team mechanics. Here's what it looked like.

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  • TOUR OF CALIFORNIA UPDATE—Stories from Car 1

    Here at the Amgen Tour of California The Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Health team will have 2 cars in the race caravan. Only UCI stage races of this caliber will allow this. Each team car will follow the race. Like I mentioned before the 3 mechanics here including myself will rotate between jobs of either riding in the back of team car 1 or 2, or taking care of luggage. For stage 3 it was my turn to ride in team car 1.

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  • TOUR OF CALIFORNIA UPDATE—Stories from Car 2

    As I talked about in the last story, there are 2 team cars that drive in the caravan as support. For stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California I was going to be riding in team car 2. For the most part riding in team car 2, can be a very mellow experience. During stage 4, we were still driving in position number 10, but instead of being only 10 cars behind the field, we are more likely to be behind 40 or so cars.

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    The Race within the Race.

    It's easy to see what makes a bike race a bike race. It's very simple, who ever crosses the finish line first is the winner. Well, within the Amgen Tour of California there are more races going on that don't necessarily take place on bicycles. To me as a staff member, some of these races carry more prestige and importance than who wins the overall General Classification.

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    Today was a day I may never forget.

    The Tour of California is scheduled to start today in Lake Tahoe. It is very strange to wake up the day of a bike race and to look out my hotel window to see heavy snow falling from the sky. By the time we checked out of our hotel room and made it to breakfast, the snow was still falling. Not much was sticking to the ground, but all of our team vehicles had several inches of fresh snow accumulating on them.

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    I arrived in South Lake Tahoe, NV almost a full 72 hours before the start of the 2011 "Amen" Tour of California. It took me 2 days to drive from my new home in Colorado. I had the team's trailer parked in my front yard after the SRAM Tour of Gila, where I was prepping equipment for the upcoming 8 day stage race. The trailer was completely full, with just about all of the team's race bikes and race wheels, so after the halfway point in between Denver to South Lake Tahoe I pulled over at a truck stop.

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  • Pro Mechanic Eric Jellum reports from Asia

    One of the most enjoyable experiences of my job as the head mechanic of the Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Health Cycling Team is when the team travels to new exotic international races. For the first race of the year, the KBS - Optum Health squad visited Singapore for the OCBC criterium and also competed in the Jalajah Malaysia stage race. Along with the 6 riders traveling over to Asia there were 3 staff members supporting the racers.

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  • Eric Hawkins named Small Business Executive of the Year

    Park Tool President Eric Hawkins received a BRAINy award at the recent Bicycle Leadership Conference. Hawkins was chosen by the staff of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News as the Executive of the Year for small businesses in the cycling industry.

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  • Park Tool in Roubaix

    Some good shots on of Park Tool equipment being used in Roubaix, France after the big Paris-Roubaix race April 10, 2011.

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  • Park Tool Company Announces Tool Sharpening Service to the Bicycle Industry

    Park Tool now offers a sharpening service for cutting and machining tools. The facers, reamers and taps are the expensive part of the cutting tool system so extra care needs to be taken to ensure smooth cuts and long life. Dull cutters can produce poor results and waste time. Cutters that are regularly sharpened are faster, safer, easier to use and produce better results.

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