Shop Rag Issue 8 — The MW-1 Mobile Workshop

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Take a behind the scenes look at the MW-1 Mobile Workshop. Designed and built to show off our line of over 400 tools and help people fix their own bikes at events around the country.

New Tool Alert!

The Park Tool AWS-9.2, Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set

Springtime is new tool time! We’re constantly working on better and faster ways to help you work on bikes. It’s our goal and our job to keep up with an always changing industry by innovating and inventing. At any given time we’ve got 20-30 new tools in various stages of a very thorough process. We’ll have plenty more in the months to come but for now we’re proud to introduce seven new and/or updated tools to make your life easier.

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BikeRadar Reviews ATD-1

Proper and precise measurement is a crucial requirement with modern day bikes and their components. Check out what Bike Radar had to say about our Adjustable Torque Limiter, the ATD-1. Adjustable from 4–6 Nm in 1/2 Nm increments.