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Adjustable Torque Driver — 4 to 6 Nm

The ATD-1 has been discontinued and replaced by the ATD-1.2.

Shop quality adjustable torque driver that limits torque applied to fasteners, preventing over-tightening and damage to lightweight components. The ATD-1 features all metal internal construction with a comfortable, ergonomic composite molded grip. Each tool is assembled and calibrated at our factory in Minnesota.

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ATD-1 Features

  • Adjustable to 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 Nm
  • 1/4 inch hex drive
  • Includes 3, 4, 5mm and T25 bits stored in the handle
  • Limits torque applied to fasteners while rotating clockwise
  • All metal internal construction for long life

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  • Blister Gear Review It’s a nice, compact, accurate, comfortable tool that’s quicker and easier to use when you need to torque a bunch of small bolts.

  • Pink Bike Review The ATD-1 makes properly tightening bolts a convenient task, but it's how its ratcheting internals function that sets it apart from some other torque wrenches on the market: you literally can't over-tighten a bolt due to the ratchet letting go at whatever value you've set it to....The ATD-1 is sturdy enough for day to day use in a busy shop, but it's small and relatively inexpensive, so it also makes sense in the garage of anyone who regularly works on their bike.

  • Velonews Review With burly, all-metal internal construction and ergonomic, composite-molded grip, Park’s ATD-1 is a solid addition to any workbench that sees carbon fiber bike parts pass across it regularly.

  • Cross Bike Review This little gem is smaller and cheaper than a traditional torque wrench and will last you for years. This tool is a must for any cyclist that has carbon on their bike.

  • Pink Bike: Best Gear or Accessory Nominee 2015 Park tool designed the ATD-1 to last in a shop environment, with all metal internals and a unique over-riding clutch mechanism that breaks free when the selected torque value is achieved, so the mechanic cannot over-tighten the is easy to operate, and it eliminates confusion by offering only the five torque values commonly used on a bike.

  • Feed The Habit Review Let's face it... you need a torque wrench. You can't go any longer just guessing when it comes to the safety of all your carbon bits. This tool is overbuilt and confidence-inspiring. I like how it feels in-hand and how reliable the torque settings are, but unfortunately it’s not quite capable of being your only torque wrench — but it comes close.

  • BikeRadar Review Built in the USA, the ATD-1 is built for accuracy and durability. It’s high price and limited 4-6nm range makes it best suited to the enthusiast or professional tinkerer

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