Park Tool Company Announces Tool Sharpening Service to the Bicycle Industry

Park Tool now offers a sharpening service for cutting and machining tools. The facers, reamers and taps are the expensive part of the cutting tool system so extra care needs to be taken to ensure smooth cuts and long life. Dull cutters can produce poor results and waste time. Cutters that are regularly sharpened are faster, safer, easier to use and produce better results.

“Park Tool has recently invested in the resources that allow us to provide this valuable service to our customers,” said Eric Hawkins, Park Tool’s President. “Now shops and manufacturers have a quick and reliable source for tool sharpening.”

Park Tool’s Sharpening Service will sharpen Park Tool brand cutters back to factory specifications. As a unique additional service, Park Tool has the ability to “optimize” the angle and rake of the cutting surface. This will produce optimal results for specific metals such as aluminum, titanium or steel.

For details, see Tool Sharpening.