Abrasive side of the Park Tool 2197 DT-5 / DT-5.2 Diamond Abrasive Adaptor for Carbon Fiber, click to enlarge
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DT-5 / DT-5.2 Diamond Abrasive Adapter for Carbon Fiber

The 2197 is an add-on accessory for the Park Tool DT-5 and DT-5.2 Disc Brake Mount Facing Set to enable easier and more efficient facing of disc brake mounts on carbon fiber frames. Features a brazed-on diamond grit surface that is over 100 times more durable and effective on carbon fiber than the cutter included with the DT-5.2. The 2197 sits between the cutter of the DT-5.2 and the brake mount, and smoothly and evenly grinds the mounting surface until it is flat and properly perpendicular to the rotor.

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2197 Features

  • Compatible with post mount and flat mount disc brake mounts

NOTE: The 2197 is intended for facing carbon fiber only. Aluminum, steel, and titanium disc brake mounts should be faced using the #2171 facing cutter included with the DT-5.2. For carbon frames that feature aluminum inserts (with a carbon/aluminum hybrid mounting surface), use the #2197. When machining carbon fiber, regularly apply water (or a similar solution) to the cutting surface.


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2197 - DT-5/DT-5.2 Diamond Abrasive Adaptor for Carbon Fiber