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Item # DT-5

(discontinued) / Tools / Brakes / Frame & Fork

Disc Brake Mount Facing Set

The DT-5 has been discontinued and replaced by the DT-5.2.

Engineered and built to accurately face front or rear disc brake mounts to be precisely aligned to rotor.

The DT-5 can be upgraded with the new features of the DT-5.2 by purchasing the DT-5UK.

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DT-5 Features

  • Works on both post mounts and IS brake mounts
  • Low clearance to access chainstay post mounts
  • Works on 100mm width open dropout forks, 100mm width 15mm thru axle forks, and 20mm thru axle forks
  • Includes axles and skewers for 100/135mm open dropout spacing
  • Includes adaptors for thru axle frames in 135, 142, 150, and 157mm widths
  • Includes two different cutters: one for IS mounts, one for post mounts

NOTE: Although Park Tool facers, reamers, cutters and dies are compatible with most frame materials currently used in the bicycle industry, high performance materials such as carbon fiber and titanium can dull these frame prep tools at a much faster rate than steel or aluminum. Use of the 2197 Diamond Abrasive Adapter is recommended for carbon fiber brake mounts.

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DT-5/DT-5.2 Diamond Abrasive Adapter for Carbon Fiber


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DT-5 Disc Brake Mount Facing Set (Discontinued)



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