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Item # PRS-25

Team Issue Repair Stand

Designed from the ground up — literally — to create what we believe is the finest folding stand available. Lightweight, stable, and packed with features:

  • The 100-25D Micro-Adjust clamp grips nearly any tube from 7/8” to 3” (23–76mm), including aero tubes
  • Quickly and easily folds to 47”
  • Clamping height adjusts up to 60”
  • Proprietary Hexatude hex-shaped aluminum tubing ensures low flex and no rotation
  • Aluminum leg straps ensure all parts slide, fold and unfold together
  • Base when open forms a triangle of 36” (92 cm) x  36” (92 cm) x 45” (115 cm)
  • Weighs just 13 pounds (6 kg)


  Download here a review of the PRS-25 by Bikemag.com

Buy online or find a local retailer (North America only). International Distributors.

  • Fully adjustable clamping pressure
  • Narrow clamping jaws (2.7”/7cm) fit into tight areas or on short seat posts
  • 360º clamp rotation
  • Soft, durable composite rubber clamping pads
  • Saddle cradle provides a perfect spot to temporarily rest a bike by its saddle
  • Three-point leg system creates a stable base on smooth or rough surfaces