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Campagnolo® Crank and Bearing Tool Set

A complete tool set to work on both Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Ultra-Torque™ and Power Torque™ crank and bottom bracket systems. The CBP-8 includes a beefed up bearing and crank puller and all the fittings necessary to remove and install both systems.

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CBP-8 Features

Set Includes:

  • Bearing puller that fits both Power Torque™ and Ultra-Torque™
  • Crank puller for Power Torque™
  • Bearing setter for both Power Torque™ and Ultra-Torque™
  • Removal adaptor for Power Torque™ crank bearings
  • Removal protection pads for use with carbon cranks
  • Removal protection adaptor for use with aluminum crank arms
  • Crank removal extension plug for Power Torque™


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CBP-8 Campagnolo® Crank and Bearing Tool Set

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