Splined side of Park Tool BBT-5/FR-11 Bottom Bracket / Cassette Lockring Tool, click to enlarge
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Bottom Bracket / Cassette Lockring Tool — Campagnolo®

When removing and installing bicycle components, having the right tools is essential. The Park Tool BBT-5/FR-11 is designed to fit the tool fittings found on Campagnolo® cassette lockrings and cartridge bottom brackets. Constructed from heat-treated alloy tool steel, the BBT-5/FR-11 features a 1" tool fitting for use with an adjustable wrench, socket, or bench vise.

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BBT-5/FR-11 Features

  • Fits 12 spline/approx. 22.8 mm OD tool fittings
  • Fits all Campagnolo® cassette lockrings
  • Also fits Campagnolo® cartridge bottom brackets including Chorus® and Centaur®
  • Base size for socket or wrench is 1" (25.4 mm)

NOTE: The BBT-5/FR-11 is not interchangeable with the FR-1.3, FR-5.2, or FR-7. Each tool fitting has its own unique tool profile.

Product Fitment

Below is a filterable table of bottom bracket models the BBT-5/FR-11 is compatible with. For a full list of tool compatibility, see our Bottom Bracket Tool Finder.

Campagnolo® Threaded Centaur®
Campagnolo® Threaded Chorus®

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