The Park Tool CBP-3 Campagnolo® Bearing Puller and Installer Set, click to enlarge

Item # CBP-3

(discontinued) / Tools / Crank & Bottom Bracket

Campagnolo® Bearing Puller and Installer Set

The CBP-3 has been discontinued and replaced by the CBP-8.

Designed and built to install and remove the pressed bearing used on Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Ultra-Torque™ cranks. The bearing puller’s forged arms and tapered edges securely pinch under the bearing while the heavy-duty plunger system “pulls” the bearing. The installation tool precisely fits both the crank spindle and the press fit bearing to ensure proper installation. Just tap the bearing into place using the tool and a hammer.

NOTE: The C-clip on the crank spindle must be removed before the puller is installed and the bearing is removed.

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