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Bottom Bracket Tool — 16-Notch 44 mm OD

Bottom brackets occasionally require removal for service, replacement, or upgrading. The Park Tool BBT-19.2 is compatible with some bottom brackets that feature a 16-notch tool fitting, including most Shimano® models with outboard bearings. Constructed from high-precision hardened chromoly steel, and can be driven using a wrench, socket, or 3/8" drive wrench.

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BBT-19.2 Features

Fits 16-notch threaded bottom bracket tool fittings with a 44-45 mm major diameter (outside of notches) and 42.7 mm minor diameter (inside of notches), including:

  • Shimano® BB80, BB5700, XT BB70, BB51, and previous external bearing threaded cups
  • Campagnolo®
  • SRAM®/Truvativ® GXP
  • Chris King®
  • FSA MegaExo®
  • Hope®
  • Race Face® X-type
  • Surly®
  • Wheels Manufacturing™
  • Fulcrum®

Also fits 16-notch Bafang® BBSH, BBS02 mid-drive e-bike motor lockrings.

Features a 3/8" drive fitting and 1" wrench flats

NOTE: due to the shallow engagement of their tool fittings, the BBT-19.2 is not recommended for 16-notch disc brake rotor lockrings. Instead use the Park Tool BBT-9 or BBT-69.4.

Not designed for use with impact drivers or other power tools.

Product Fitment

Below is a filterable table of bottom bracket models the BBT-19.2 is compatible with. For a full list of tool compatibility, see our Bottom Bracket Tool Finder.

BBInfinite™ Threaded BSA Threaded
BBInfinite™ Threaded Italian Threaded
BBInfinite™ Threaded T47 External
Campagnolo® Threaded Ekar Pro-Tech™ BSA and Italian threading
Campagnolo® Threaded Ekar Pro-Tech™ T47 x 68
Campagnolo® Threaded Power Torque™
Campagnolo® Threaded Ultra-Torque®
CeramicSpeed® Thread-Together BB30 Shimano® and GXP®
CeramicSpeed® Threaded Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque® T47, BSA, and Italian
CeramicSpeed® Threaded Italian Threaded Shimano® and GXP®
CeramicSpeed® Threaded T47/68 Shimano®, GXP®, and Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque®
ELEVN Racing™ Threaded Euro Bottom Brackets
Enduro® Thread-Together BB30/30a TorqTite® GXP®, 24mm, and Campagnolo® Ultra-Torque®
Enduro® Thread-Together BB86/92 TorqTite®
Enduro® Thread-Together BBright™ TorqTite® 24mm
Enduro® Threaded BSA and Italian Threaded 24mm
Enduro® Threaded T47 External
e*thirteen® Threaded BSA 24mm
FSA® Threaded MegaExo®
Hambini™ Threaded BSA
Hawk Racing™ Threaded BSA
Hawk Racing™ Threaded Italian Threaded
Hope™ Threaded BSA 24 mm
IRD® Threaded ScramJet™
Kogel™ Threaded BSA GXP®
Origin8® Threaded Torqlite™ Outboard
Phil Wood™ Threaded BSA Outboard
Praxis Works® Threaded & Thread-Together M24
Praxis Works® Threaded & Thread-Together Shimano®
Profile Racing® Threaded Euro Outboard
Promax® Threaded Outboard
Race Face® Threaded BSA 24mm
Rotor® Threaded BSA GXP®
Rotor® Threaded BSA Shimano®
Rotor® Threaded T47 External 24mm
Samox® Threaded EB2401 and EB2402
Shimano® Threaded All Other Outboard
SRAM® Threaded GXP®
SunRace® Threaded BB-497
Suntour® Threaded BB-BKA008-C
Surly® Threaded O.D.
Token® Thread-Together BB841T-41
Token® Thread-Together BB841T-42
Token® Thread-Together BB841T-42A
Token® Thread-Together BB841T-46
Token® Thread-Together BB841T-46A
Token® Thread-Together BB4124C
Token® Thread-Together BB4129QB
Token® Thread-Together BB4130QB
Token® Threaded T47R24
Token® Threaded T47RGXP
Token® Threaded TK877
Token® Threaded TK878
Velo Orange® Threaded Threadless Repair
Wheels Mfg™ Thread-Together BB30 Outboard
Wheels Mfg™ Thread-Together BB30A
Wheels Mfg™ Threaded BSA Threaded GXP® and 24mm