Torque Device Calibration & Repair

Over time, especially with repetitive daily use, Park Tool torque devices may come out of calibration and no longer meet the original +/- specifications given for each tool when new. Coming out of calibration from repetitive use is considered wear and tear not covered by Park Tool's one-year warranty on torque devices, but Park Tool does offer calibration and limited repair services for the following torque devices:

  • ATD-1, ATD-1.2
  • PTD-4, PTD-5, PTD-6
  • TW-5, TW-5.2
  • TW-6, TW-6.2

Instructions for calibration of beam-type torque wrenches such as the TW-1.2 and TW-2.2 can be found here.

Park Tool will calibrate torque devices for a typical fee of $20 (sender is responsible for postage fees both ways).

Once we receive your package, we will perform the requested services and email you a finalized invoice including any repairs and return shipping. In the unlikely event that more than $10 in parts are required, we will contact you for authorization prior to performing the repair. You should expect to have your tools serviced and shipped within two weeks of receiving them, but during times of high service volume, it may be longer. We will contact you if that iss the case.

Calibration and repair services are only available for Park Tool torque devices.

To Use This Service

  1. Complete the Service Request form and print out the completed PDF order form.
  2. Securely package torque device(s):
    1. Include the printed order form inside the package.
    2. If possible, put wrench(es) in case for shipping — it will be returned to you.
    3. Package wrench(es) in appropriately-sized cardboard box and fill empty space with newspaper or other packing material.
    4. Seal package securely with shipping tape.
  3. Ship package according to the emailed instructions.

Park Tool is not responsible for damage or loss while in transit.

In between calibrations, follow our recommendations for torque wrench use and care to keep your tools operating at peak performance.