Torque Device Repair & Calibration

Over time, especially with the repetitive use experienced in a shop, Park Tool torque tools may come out of calibration and no longer meet the original +/- specifications given for each tool when new. Coming out of calibration from repetitive use is considered wear and tear not covered by Park Tool's 1 year warranty, but Park Tool does offer calibration and limited repair services for the following torque devices:

  • ATD-1, ATD-1.2
  • PTD-4, PTD-5, PTD-6
  • TW-5
  • TW-6
  • TW-5.2
  • TW-6.2

Park Tool will calibrate torque devices for a typical fee of $20.00 (sender is responsible for postage fees both ways).

If you opt to have repairs performed, a Park Tool representative will call with a final estimate including calibration before any repairs are performed.

Calibration and repair service only available for Park Tool torque devices.

To Use This Service

  1. Complete the Service Request form and print the emailed PDF order form.
  2. Safely package up torque device(s) (not necessary to ship plastic cases), keeping any adapters, and include the printed order form inside the package.
  3. Seal package securely.
  4. Ship package according to the emailed instructions.

Park Tool is not responsible for damage or loss while in transit.