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Rebuild Kit for TS-2 Truing Stands

The TS-RK is a complete rebuild kit for the TS-2 Professional Truing Stand, featuring a selection of commonly-replaced small parts as well as some key upgrades that improve upon the original design found on older TS-2 stands. Needle bearings allow for much smoother adjustment of the uprights, and the improved design of the shaft and collars makes the stand much easier to calibrate. Add some fresh nylon bushings and caliper springs, and your vintage stand will feel brand new and ready to true!

To complete the restoration, we recommend the #238K Caliper Upgrade Kit, which allows TS-2 stands to accept larger wheels and wider tires.

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TS-RK Features

The TS-RK is best used on older TS-2 Truing Stands with silver-colored shaft collars that feature set screws (manufactured pre-2000). The parts included are also compatible with newer TS-2, TS-2.2, and TS-2.3 stands — however, a complete rebuild is rarely necessary for these newer designs. We recommend purchasing individual replacement parts as needed.

  • #1458-3 Washer (qty. 4)
  • #209-2 Split Shaft Collar (qty. 2)
  • #211S Main Shaft
  • #222SL Spring — Left
  • #222SR Spring — Right
  • #229 Spring for Main Shaft
  • #232-2 Upright Bushing (qty. 4)
  • #235-2 Nylon Bushing (qty. 2)
  • #748-1 Needle Bearing (qty. 2)

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