Bike wheel in the Park Tool TS-2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand, click to enlarge

Item # TS-2

(discontinued) / Tools / Wheel Truing Stands

Professional Wheel Truing Stand

The TS-2 has been discontinued and replaced by the TS-2.2.

The Park Tool Professional Truing Stand is the stand to choose for heavy shop use. Accepts wheels from 16" to 28" with or without tire removed. Both axle-holding uprights move simultaneously, always centering wheel hub with calipers, regardless of hub width. Calipers and caliper arm are spring-loaded to prevent jamming with badly out-of-true wheels. Made of heavy chrome plated steel with nylon bushings at pivot points. Can be bench-mounted or vise-held. The standard of the industry. If a forward or backward tilt is desired, use with Truing Stand Tilting Base (TSB-2) shown below. For precision work, the TS-2 should be used with the WAG-4 Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge. Opens up to accept hubs 150mm wide.

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