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Item # BBT-18

Bottom Bracket Tool

The BBT-18 is a heavy duty, investment cast tool for installing and removing the following eight-notch bottom bracket cups:

  • Shimano Octalink- right cup with external notches
  • ISIS Drive

Note: The BBT-18 is an updated version of the current BBT-8. The outside diameter of the tool has been changed so it provides a universal fit on all Shimano and ISIS Drive eight-notch cups.+

The BBT-18 has 8 notches with an outside diameter of nominally 43.4mm. The inside-to-inside width is approximately 38mm. Each notch is approximately 3.9mm wide.  The hole in the center of the casting is 22.5mm, and will not fit over the 30mm spindles.

See Cartridge bearing type bottom bracket service for service procedures.

Buy online or find a local retailer (North America only). International Distributors.

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