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Bottom Bracket Standards

There are now several different crank bearing systems and standards. The different standards do not allow interchangeability between bearings or cranksets. Having some knowledge of the standard will help the mechanic be aware of service options. Threaded Bottom Bracket Shells Threaded ...

PF30 Bottom Bracket Service

The PF30 system uses an unthreaded frame shell with an inside diameter of nominally 46mm. The inside of the shell is a straight bore, without the stops or clips of the BB30 standard. The shell widths are 68mm for road bikes and 73mm for mountain bikes. PF30 frame shell The c...

BB90, BB86, BB92, GXP Press Fit Bottom Bracket Service

The "Shimano press fit" standard is a bottom bracket system that does not use internal threading. Unfortunately there is no industry wide agreed upon name for this standard. The Shimano Company's name for the system is "Shimano Press Fit". The colloquial titles BB86, BB90 or BB92 refer to the no...

CBP-5 Crank and Bearing Adaptor Set for Service of Campagnolo Power Torque Cranks

This article will review the service of the Campagnolo® Power-Torque™ crank system.

Adjustable Type Bottom Bracket Service

This article will discuss the service of adjusting bottom bracket bearings. It will also review the types of tools required. The basic concept for bearing adjustments is to get the bearings adjusted as loose as possible but without play. This can be done by purposely beginning with play in the ad...

Cartridge Bearing Type Bottom Bracket Service

This article will discuss the removal and installation of the common cartridge bottom brackets of the three-piece cranksets.

Bottom Bracket Tool Selection

This article will discuss tool selection for servicing bottom brackets. Many bottom brackets require special tools for installation and removal. A table summarizing tool section is at end of this article.

External Bearing Crank Systems (Hollowtech II, MegaExo, Giga X Pipe, X-type, Campagnolo Ultra-Torque)

This article will discuss service of external bearing cranks systems.

Campagnolo and Fulcrum Ultra-Torque Bearing Service

This article will review the bearing service of the Campagnolo and Fulcrum Ultra Torque cranksets.

Bottom Bracket Tapping, Threading, Chasing and Facing

This article will discuss use of the Park Tool BTS-1 and the Park Tool BFS-1.

BB30 Bearing System Service

This article will discuss the removal and installation of the BB30 cartridge bottom bracket bearings.

One-Piece Bottom Bracket Service

This article will discuss service on one-piece crank bottom bracket bearings("Ashtabula").It will also discuss pressing the three-piece cartridge bearings into the Ashtabula bottom bracket shell.

Trouble Shooting a Creaky or Noisy Drive Train

This article will discuss trouble shooting noisy drive trains. Creaking and squeaking noises are annoying, and can be a sign of more serious problems. Damage to component parts may result if they are left unattended.