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BB30 Bearing System Service

Typical Tools and Supplies Needed

This article will discuss the removal and installation of the BB30 cartridge bottom bracket bearings. The Park Tool BBT-30.3 set consists of three pieces. There are two bushings and one remover tool (Figure 1).

Figure 1. BBT-30.3 set

The BB30 is a threadless bottom bracket shell system using two pressed cartridge bearings. These bearings are replaced when they wear out. However, it is possible to lift the bearing seal while the cartridge bearings are in the shell to clean and grease bearings inside.

Begin by removing cranks, following manufacturer's direction. Look for a one-key release on one arm. Alternatively, there may a two bolt pinch system. Remove one arm and pull spindle and other arm from bottom bracket shell (Figure 2 and 3).

remove arm
Figure 2. Remove arm using one-key release

Figure 3. Use rubber mallet as necessary to remove arm

Inspect inside bottom bracket shell and note bearing-stop clip. If the clip uses two ears, orient foot of tool so it does not strike the clip (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Avoid "ears" of clip with foot of tool

Insert BBT-39 through one bearing. Tilt tool and guide the foot into the shell (Figure 5).

Figure 5. Guide tool through one bearing and engage foot against opposite bearing


Engage plastic guide bushing into bearing (Figure 6). The guide will keep tool and foot straight as it contacts bearing on opposite side.

Figure 6. Use guide bushing to keep tool aligned

Use hammer such as a hammer and tap end of remover (Figure 7). Use care not to strike your hand or the frame. Typically, the bearings are a mild press fit and will remove easily. If necessary, rotate tool handle to strike a different point on the bearings.


Figure 7. Strike end of tool to remove opposite bearing


After one bearing is removed, pull tool back through remaining bearing. Place tool through open side of shell and engage plastic alignment bushing. Strike end of the remover and remove second bearing (Figure 8).

Figure 8. Reverse tool and remove second bearing


The BB30 cartridge bearings are a mild interference fit into the shell. The bearing outside diameter is 42mm. The BB30 inside diameter is intended to be 41.96mm. The actual diameter may vary slightly. Bearings are only removed when they are to be replaced.

There is a bearing stop inside bottom bracket shell. These are typically snap rings that fit inside machined groves. It is typically not necessary to remove these rings. If removal is necessary, use a small screwdriver to lift lip of ring (Figure 9). Some designs require the use of snap ring pliers (Figure 10).

Figure 9. Remove clip only if necessary


Figure 10. Use snap ring pliers when necessary

The BBT-30.3 tool set includes two bushings for the BB30 standard. Bushing use a headset press.To install, engage cartridge bearing onto bushing. Bushings will center and align bearings during the pressing. Install bearing, bushing and headset press into shell. Place other bushing with bearing on the remainder of the press.

Figure 11. Bearings, bushings and headset tool

Turn headset press handle until plates contact bushing, bearings, and shell. Stop and double check alignment of bearings into shell and continue to press bearings. Press until both bearings strike stops inside shell. Because bushing will rotate with bearings, it is necessary to hold shaft of headset press (Figure 12).

Figure 12. Press bearings fully to stops inside shell

Remove headset press and pressing bushings. Check inside shell for bearing contact at stop. Install crank according to manufacturer's instructions.

 ADAPTERS for non-BB30 Crankset

The BB30 shell will accept adapters to permit the installation of non-BB30 cranksets. Begin by removing the C-clips from either side of the shell (figure 13).

Figure 13. Remove C-clips


Campagnolo offers adapters for both Ulta-torque and Power-torque system. The installation process is the same for either one. It is best to press one cup at a time using a headset press (figure 14).

Figure 14. Pressing left side cup only

Proceed to fully press the second cup (figure 15). If either cup appears to have a loose fit, use retaining compound such as Loctite RC680.

Figure 15. Pressing second cup

Removal of the Campagnolo adapter cups can be involved. Remove crankset. Use a screwdriver and/or needle nose pliers to remove both internal seals. Use the Park Tool RT-1head cup remover to drive out one cup. Reverse the tool and drive out the second cup.

24mm Spindle External Crankset Adapter in a BB30 Shell (Shimano, SRAM, Race Face, FSA, etc)

The external crankset cranks that use the smaller 24mm spindle can be installed into the BB30 shell. The BB30 bearings and C-clips are left in place (figure 16). Simple spacers are used against the bearings to effectively widen the shell and reduce the diameter.

Figure 16. Adapters insert into bearing


These spacers are available for the Shimano, FSA and Race Face cranksets. A different spacer with different inside diameter for the spindle are available for the SRAM GXP cranksets. Simply install adapters into the bearings of the BB30 shell (figure 16 and 17). Adapters spin against bearing inside shell.


Figure 17. Install both adapters

The adapter widen the effective shell with to equal the required with for the cranksets. Install crank spindle through adapters (figure 18).

Figure 18. Install spindle through adapters

Install second arm and adjust as normal according the recommendations of the brand and model (figure 19).

Figure 19. Install arm. Adjust bearings and tighten arm fully as per manufacturer recommendation.