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Extreme Range Clamp

Our popular Extreme Range Clamp that we introduced in 2001 is now available in a version that fits model PCS-1, PCS-2, PCS-4, PRS-5, and PRS-7 Repair Stands made since 2002. Just like the 100-3X the new 100-5X Extreme Range Clamp quickly adjusts to clamp virtually any shape or size tube up to 4-inches and pivots to clamp either the top and bottom or left and right sides of a tube. Ideal for hard to clamp recumbent bikes, full suspension bikes, and frames with oversized, square, rectangular, and aero shaped tubes.

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100-5X Features

The 100-5X fits the top tubes of the current model PCS-1, PCS-2, PCS-4, PRS-5, and PRS-7 stands that use the new Universal Top Tube Assembly. This top tube is marked with the number 939 behind the top tube, just above the compression slot. The 100-5X will also work with any PRS-5 Professional Repair Stands made from 1996.

The 100-5X does not fit the PCS-1 stands made before 2002. These older stands can be retrofitted with a top tube 939C in order to accept the 100-5X. To purchase the 939C contact Park Tool directly. If you are unsure about your model, see Generational Changes to Repair Stands.


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