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Home Mechanic Repair Stand

The PCS-9.3 is a basic folding workstand designed and built for the home mechanic — a stable way to hold nearly any bike off the ground for adjustments, cleaning and repair. Features 18" (46 cm) of height adjustment and 360 degrees of clamp rotation, positioning all parts of the bike within reach for any mechanic whether seated or standing.

The stand's all-steel construction with teardrop-shaped tubing ensures maximum rigidity and stability, with a locking support yoke and upgraded internals for extra dependability. The PCS-9.3 is able to hold up to 80 lbs. (36 kg)*, which allows for compatibility with virtually all two-wheeled pedal-driven bicycles, including fat bikes and most e-bikes.

The PCS-9.3 quickly folds down for storage and transport with a smooth-operating leg support system that pulls both legs up in one simple motion. The PCS-9.3 is the perfect way to upgrade your home shop.

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PCS-9.3 Features

  • Maximum weight capacity*: 36 kg (80 lbs.)
  • Clamp capacity: round and aero tubes from 22 to 76 mm (7/8" to 3") wide
  • Jaw height: 70 mm (2.75")
  • Height adjustable from 99 cm to 145 cm (39" to 57")
  • Base when open forms a triangle of 92 cm x 92 cm x 121 cm (36" x 36" x 48")
  • Folds down to 108 cm x 36 cm x 26 cm (42.5″ x 14.25″ x 10.25″)
  • Weight: 7.2 kg (16 lbs.)
  • #2848A quick-release collar with accessory pods required for use of PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder or 106 Work Tray
  • Replaceable jaw covers (part #2860)

*NOTE: The maximum weight capacity of the PCS-9.3 assumes the weight is centered below the clamp and between the legs.​

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  • Complete Tri: Park Tool Bike Repair Stand Review We focused on the 9.3 and 10.3 versions for our hands-on testing. Why? To us, they are the best combination of functionality, quality, and value. While they are not quite at the level of stability you would find in a bike mechanic shop, they are a decided cut above the typical cheaper bike repair stand that you might find online.

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Repair Stand Work Tray


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PCS-9.3 Home Mechanic Repair Stand