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Item # EWS-2

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Bicycle Electronic Shift Tool

A handy tool designed to make installation and removal of bicycle electronic shifting wires and batteries quick and easy. The durable composite body features our iconic three-way wrench shape and prevents scratching of expensive components. Angled ends allow for safe installation and removal of Shimano® Di2® E-tube® EW-SD300 wires in tight spaces. Universal coin cell tool helps remove and install battery covers on SRAM® AXS® and other electronic accessories.

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EWS-2 Features

  • Compatible with Shimano® Di2® E-tube® EW-SD300 wires (nominally 3 mm OD connector)
  • Not compatible with Shimano® Di2® E-Tube® EW-SD50 wires (nominally 5 mm OD connector) — use the Park Tool EWS-1
EWS-2 Bicycle Electronic Shift Tool