Crown Race Removal with the CRP-1 Crown Race Puller

This article with discuss the use of the CRP-1 Crown Race Puller. This tool has been replaced by the CRP-2.


Getting Started

The CRP-1 Crown Race Puller is designed to quickly and easily remove the headset crown race from the fork’s crown race seat and steering column. The CRP-1 will save time and will cleanly as possible pull the race.


Using the CRP-1

  1. Turn handle counterclockwise until pressing disk inside main tube clears length of fork steering column.
  2. Loosen handles of both plunger assemblies until blades clear crown race.
  3. Tighten handles of both plunger assemblies evenly until blades begin to wedge under the crown race. Threads of plunger assemblies should be approximately equal relative to outer shell. Continue to tighten the handles of the plunger assemblies until the edges of the blades are snug under crown race. Do not over tighten.
  1. Turn handle clockwise so pressing disk begins to press on top of the fork steering column. Continue turning handle to fully remove crown race.
  1. After crown race has been pulled, loosen plunger assemblies and remove the CRP-1 and the crown race from the fork.

NOTE: It can take significant pressure to pull the crown race. For certain fork and crown race combinations (especially those involving suspension forks) there is very little access for crown race removal. Some cosmetic scarring of the fork crown may occur on these forks.

It can be useful to use the Park Tool 100-4X Extreme Range Clamp to hold the CRP-1 during use.


Blade Replacement

The blades of the CRP-1 may be replaced as needed (part #1170-2, two required).

  1. Remove the four outer shell bolts and separate the outer shell and the inner shell.
  2. Loosen the two inner shell bolts if necessary and remove old blades.
  3. Install new blades, with the flat side of the blades facing outward.
  4. Secure the two inner shell bolts enough to allow blades to slide easily.
  5. Place outer shell over inner shell and reinstall and tighten the four outer shell bolts.