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Press Fit Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set

The BBT-90.3 is designed to install and remove the bearings and bearing cups used in most press fit bottom bracket systems that feature a 22 or 24 mm spindle, including many Shimano® press fit, and SRAM® GXP® press fit. The included bearing remover tool installs through the shell to easily drive out bearings.

The BBT-90.3 also includes a set of bushings that can be used in conjunction with a cup press (such as the HHP-2 or HHP-3 — sold separately) to quickly and precisely press new bearings into the bottom bracket shell.

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BBT-90.3 Features

Fits press-fit bottom bracket bearing systems with a 22 or 24 mm spindle.

Some examples of compatible bottom bracket models include:

  • Shimano® press fit
  • SRAM® GXP® press fit

Tool specifications:

  • Nominal OD of removal tool shaft is 22 mm
  • Nominal OD of removal tool fingers is 26 mm


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