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Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set

The BBT-30.4 Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set is designed and built to install and remove the bearings used in BB30, PressFit 30 (PF30), 386EVO, BBright™, PF121 and other bottom bracket systems using a 30mm spindle. The BBT-30.4 features a bushing set used in conjunction with a head cup press (such as HHP-2 or HHP-3) to quickly and precisely press the BB30 and PF30 bearings into the bottom bracket shell. The included BB30 bearing remover works from inside the shell to easily push out bearings.

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BBT-30.4 Features

Updated version of the BBT-30.3 with extra length to work with wider fat bike bottom bracket shells.


BBT-30.4 Bottom Bracket Tool Set