Bottom Bracket Service: Ultra-Torque™

This article will review the bearing service of the Campagnolo® and Fulcrum® Ultra-Torque™ cranksets. The service requires the use of the CBP-3 Campagnolo Bearing Puller and Installation Set. For crank installation and removal see Crank Removal and Installation: Ultra-Torque™.


Getting Started

What do I need to know how to do?
What Tools do I need?
  • Bearing Puller and Installer Set: CBP-3
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver: SD-3
  • Hammer: HMR-4

Figure 1. Left crank, cartridge bearings, "wavy washer" and bottom bracket cup

The Campagnolo system integrates both the spindle and bearings into the arms. The cups are installed in the bike without cartridge bearings. The bearings are pressed to the crank spindle. When the cranks are removed, the bearings come with the arms (figure 1).


Bearing Removal

The cartridge bearings can be removed and new bearings installed. Begin removal by inspecting both arms for a C-clip above the bearing. NOTE: This C-clip must be removed before the bearing can be removed. Use snap ring pliers when available. A small flat tipped screwdriver can also work. Catch the edge on the clip and pry it free and up from the groove in the spindle (figure 2). Work the C-clip up and off the spindle (figure 3).

cbp3 194


cbp3 197

Figure 3. Pull upwards on the C-clip and remove it from the spindle.

The CBP-1 consists of a plunder system with two fingers to engage bearings. Arrange the CBP-1 bearing puller assembly over the spindle. Use the side knobs to snug the fingers under the bearing (figure 4).

Turn handle clockwise. This pushes tool plunger against spindle end, and pulls fingers and bearing away from crank (figure 5 and 6).

cbp3 200

Figure 4. Engage puller over bearing after removing the C-clip

cbp3 201

Figure 5. Turn handle to pull bearing

Figure 6. Bearing will pull upward toward end of spindle


Bearing Installation

The bearings should be replaced if removed. New bearing must be pressed back onto spindle with an interference fit. Replace any seals that were removed on the crank. Install bearing over spindle and drive CBP-2 race installer downward by striking with a hammer (figure 7). The CBP-2 is a precise fit to the inner bearing race and will not damage bearing surfaces.

Any C-clip that was removed must now be reinstalled. Enagage C-clip over spindle end. Use CBP-3 to push bearing down until bearing engages groove in spindle (figure 8).

cbp3 208

Figure 7. Drive CBP-2 and bearings down until fully seated

cbp3 215

Figure 8. Use CBP-2 to push C-clip into place