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Crown Race Cutting Tool

To ensure proper headset performance and longevity, special attention must be given to accurately machine the fork’s crown race seat. The CRC-1 is a professional-quality tool for machining both the outer edge and lower surfaces of the crown race seat. Its unique adjusting system allows a tight fit of the tool onto any threaded or unthreaded fork — even forks with externally butted steerer tubes — ensuring a smooth, accurate cut and proper alignment of the fork. Includes two sets of high speed steel cutters and adjustable bushings to machine forks with both 1" and 1 1/8" steering columns.

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CRC-1 Features


  • Handle assembly
  • Cutter to machine 26.5 mm and 27.1 mm crown race seats on forks with 1" steering columns (part #845)
  • Cutter to machine 30.1 mm crown race seats on forks with 1 1/8" steering columns (part #846)
  • Bushings for 1" (part #843) and 1 1/8" (part #844) forks

NOTE: Always use cutting fluid such as Park Tool CF-2 when machining.


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