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Park Tool School Instructor Manual — 4th Edition

A complete tutorial and information source to help bike shops conduct repair and maintenance clinics based on the BBB-4 Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 4th Edition. Written by Park Tool Director of Education Calvin Jones using his 40+ years of experience as a mechanic, educator and writer, the BBB-4TG is more relevant than ever, and provides all of the time-proven information needed for a successful Park Tool School clinic.

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BBB-4TG Features

  • Detailed advice to help plan, organize, promote and teach a Park Tool School clinic
  • Step-by-step repair and maintenance procedures
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Course outlines, lecture notes and demonstration ideas
  • Student participation certificates, a promotional poster and sample registration forms

NOTE: For more information on the BBB-4TG, retailers may learn more about Becoming a Park Tool School and view the Table of Contents.

The BBB-4TG is available from your wholesale distributor. Available in English only.

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