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Park Tool School Instructor Manual — 4th Edition

A complete information source to help bike shops conduct repair and maintenance clinics based on the BBB-4 Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 4th Edition. Written by Calvin Jones, Park Tool’s Director of Education, using his 40+ years of experience as a mechanic, educator and writer, the BBB-4TG provides all of the time-proven information needed to put on a successful Park Tool School clinic. For more information on the BBB-4TG, retailers may learn more about Becoming a Park Tool School and view the Table of Contents.

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BBB-4TG Features

  • Detailed advice to help plan, organize, promote and teach a Park Tool School clinic
  • Step-by-step repair and maintenance procedures
  • Hundreds of photos
  • Course outlines, lecture notes and demonstration ideas
  • Student participation certificates, a promotional poster and sample registration forms
  • Available in English only

NOTE: The BBB-4TG is available from your wholesale distributor and is not intended for retail sale. Park Tool requires retailers to have an account with an authorized Park Tool distributor in order to register and be listed as a Park Tool School location. Park Tool may make exceptions for non-profits and other community organizations. Please contact us prior to purchasing the BBB-4TG to ensure your organization's eligibility.

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