Become a Park Tool School

The best way to promote your store and educate your customers… just got better! Introducing: The Park Tool School, using the BBB-4TG Instructor's Guide. Designed by the world leader in maintenance and repair products to make it easy to conduct in-store repair and maintenance clinics for your customers. The Park Tool School now includes more class options, better graphics, updated component information, and better advice for creating and implementing your own clinics.

With the Park Tool School, we have done all the lesson plans for you. By teaching this curriculum, you will be building stronger relationships with your customers. Your store will generate more bicycle, parts, and accessories sales as your customers ride more and enjoy cycling more. The Park Tool School will position your staff as the bicycle service experts in your area.

Join the hundreds of dealers who are already proud Park Tool School participants. Just click the box marked Park Tool School participants on the map page. Chances are they will tell you that the Park Tool School has yielded positive results for their store.

Retailer Requirements & Responsibilities

Park Tool requires retailers to have an account with an authorized Park Tool distributor in order to register and be listed as a Park Tool School location. Park Tool may make exceptions for non-profits and other community organizations. Please contact us prior to purchasing the BBB-4TG to ensure your organization's eligibility.

Retailers and organizations offering the Park Tool School are expected to have a suitable space for teaching classes and to have the most current Park Tool School Instructor Manual (BBB-4TG). Additionally, it’s expected that class participants have access to purchase or borrow the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (BBB-4), which serves as the student textbook. The Park Tool School program is based on some hands-on work, and the students should be offered the opportunity to practice their skills using Park Tool products shown in the textbook.

Curriculum Options

The BBB-4TG offers eight prepackaged curriculum and class options. Additionally, the BBB-4TG gives approximate teaching times for individual topics and procedures. You can customize your program to fit the needs of your clientele. As your store gains experience, topics may be added or deleted as necessary. Curriculum times are broken down in detail in Chapter C — Curriculum Options.

Class topics and times:

  • New Rider Maintenance: 2.66-hour session
  • Novice Class: 6.66-hour course
  • Intermediate Class: 9.25-hour course
  • Advanced Class: 12.75-hour course
  • Tires and Tubes Class: 1.83-hour session
  • Caliper Disc Brake Class: 2-hour session
  • Wheel Class: 1.92-hour session
  • Wheel Building Class: 2.25 to 2.75-hour session
  • Derailleur Systems Class: 2.83-hour session

The Park Tool School program includes:

  • BBB-4TG Instructor Manual — Packed with information to prepare, manage, and conduct in-store clinics. Each subject and class topic is clearly defined complete with diagrams, demo help, teaching tips, and equipment needs. The BBB-4TG includes the instructor's guide, a poster, and 10 certificates of completion. You can get more posters and certificates by just contacting Park Tool. Review the BBB-4TG Instructor Manual Table of Contents.
  • Support Materials — Posters, social media/website banners, logos, completion certificates, sample registration forms, and checklists are easily downloaded from our website. It is possible to manipulate the files and customize them for use in your store. You may add your store logo, or even student names to the certificates. The PDF and Word template files are available on the Park Tool School Resources page.
  • Park Tool Website Listing — You’ll be listed on our Park Tool School Locator as a Park Tool School location, driving customers to you.
  • Use of our popular BBB-4 Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair — Student manuals are now readily available from your favorite supplier. The BBB-4 is our popular repair guide, complete with color photos and repair help for nearly any task. You can now easily use books from your retail inventory to supply students with their School Student Manuals.

To get started, purchase a BBB-4TG Instructor's guide from your favorite U.S. Distributor or Worldwide Distributor.