The PRS-4 Bench Mount Repair Stand mounted on the corner of an empty workbench, click to enlarge

Item # PRS-4

(discontinued) / Repair Stands / Bench / Wall Mount

Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stand

The PRS-4 has been discontinued and replaced by the PRS-4 OS-1 and PRS-4 OS-2.

The Deluxe Bench Mount Stand uses the same clamp as the PRS-2 and PRS-3. The clamp can be adjusted to two different working heights and rotates 360 degrees, allowing the bike to be positioned at any angle. Mounts easily to any flat surface. (Mounting bolts not included). Uses 100-3C clamp.

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PRS-4 Features

Weight Limit: The PRS-4.2-1 and PRS-4.2-2 Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stands have a 100 lb. / 45 kg. weight limit, provided the stand is securely mounted with appropriate fasteners to a solid and secure bench surface. The user is responsible for making sure the workbench and the fasteners are capable of handling this amount of weight.

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