Park Tool Product in Ghana

Hello Park Tool,

Just thought that I would check in and inform you of how your donation has been helping school children in Northern Ghana. For the past two months I have been staying in the rural villages and fixing bicycles that are daily ridden up to 10 miles one way to school.

Child in Ghana with Park Tool bike donation
Jeremy Venable in Ghana with Park Tool donation

So far I have fixed approximately 20 bicycles. The most common issues being worn out tires, out of true rims, complete lack of grease, and drastically needed readjustment of hubs, headsets, and bottom brackets.

The tools you provided have been a great help and are also very popular with both children and older persons. Once again I would like to thank you for your help. Happy Holidays! Attached are pictures of some of the children after receiving their overhauled bicycles, along with some school supplies.

Jeremy Venable