Park Tool Celebrates 100,000 YouTube Subscribers

Park Tool would like to thank the over 100,000 people who’ve subscribed to their YouTube channel to learn how to tweak, adjust and fix their bikes while being entertained by Park Tool’s Director of Education and Master Mechanic, Calvin Jones. The Park Tool YouTube Channel has had over 14 million video views of the 414 videos on the site.

Video still of Calvin in Park Tool workshop with derailleurs video in corner

“A few years back we made a conscious decision to offer bike repair help and product information for free on our YouTube channel. Our goal was to take away the intimidation of working on a bike and show that it is much easier to do than people think. We have a wide range of videos geared toward both the home mechanic and the professional. We hired three full-time people to help produce these videos and we are more than thrilled that over 100,000 people have subscribed to our channel,” — Eric Hawkins, President, Owner and Chief Mechanic of Park Tool

Some interesting stats around the channel:

  • The most popular video is How to Wash a Bike with almost 734K views
  • Lifetime video watch time is 48 million minutes (91.32 years of views)
  • Average video view is 3 minutes 39 seconds
  • 53% of subscribers are 25-44 years old
  • Viewership reaches over 190 countries worldwide

To see the full Park Tool video library, click over to

Screenshot of the Park Tool Youtube page