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Bottom Bracket Tool Selection

This article will review tool selection for servicing bottom brackets. Many bottom brackets require special tools for installation and removal.


The cartrdige-type bottom bracket with spindle is common on the modern bicycle. For typical service procedures, see Installing and Removing Cartridge Bottom Brackets.

To select the correct tool to install or remove this bottom bracket, it is necessary to inspect the faceseof the cup for tool fittings. Count the number of slots or splines.

20-tooth Internal Splined Cup Bottom Brackets

These retaining cup on the left and right side have 20 internal splines. This is a very common fitting and used by many manufactures, including:

  • Shimano® XTR® BB M952 (non-adjustable type)
  • Shimano® XT BB M751/571
  • Race Face® ISIS Drive
  • FSA® ISIS drive and Power Torque
  • Shimano® Dura-Ace 7703 (non-adjustable type), Ultegra 6500
  • Shimano® 105- 5500, UN74, UN52, ES-70
  • All Shimano® square spindle cartridge bottom brackets
  • Truvativ® Power Spline, Square LE
  • Sinz®, Sugino® Cartridge BB3, TH® Industries


Recommended Tool: BBT-22 or BBT-32

Note: Some models described above also have 8 external notches, as seen in the left cup below. However, these cups always have internal splines.

For Shimano® brand bottom brackets, if it is a non-adjustable (cartridge bearing) bottom bracket, use the BBT-2 or BBT-32

In the image below, the BBT-22 is shown with a Shimano® Ultegra cup, a ISIS Drive® splined cup, and a square-type spindle spline cup.

BBT-2 for spline cups


The Shimano® Ultegra Hollow Tech I bottom bracket uses the same 20-tooth pattern on both left and right cups. The eight external notches on the cup flange are not used for removal. See image of the bottom bracket below.

BBT-2 fits Ultegra BB



Shimano® Hollow Tech II, Campagnolo®, FSA®, Hope®, Race Face®, SRAM®, Truvativ®, Chris King®, etc.

External Cups


Recommended Tool: BBT-9 (hand wrench) or BBT-19 (with 3/8" drive fitting)

The External Bearing System Crankset system include both the crank arms and bottom bracket. The spindle is built into arms.  The Shimano Hollow Tech II system uses this standard. It has a nominal outside diameter of 44mm.

The BBT-9 has two ends. One fits the bottom bracket cups, and the other end fits the crank cap that adjust bearing pre-load for Shimano cranks. See External Bearing Bottom Bracket Service.


Shimano® Dura Ace BB9000 and XTR BB93

Recommended Tool: BBT-29

The Dura-Ace threaded bearing adaptors have a nominal diameter of 39mm.  The BBT-29 is a double ended hand wrench, with the small size fitting this standard.


Shimano® Ultegra 6800 series, BBR60 (11 speed group)

Recommended Tool: no Park Tool available at this time

The Ultegra BBR60 threaded bearing adaptors have a nominal outside diameter of 40mm. There is no Park Tool product for this sizing at this time.


FSA® MegaEvo

Recommended Tool: BBT-29

The FSA® MegaEvo threaded bearing adaptors have a nominal outside diameter of 48mm.  Use the hand wrench BBT-29 for this standard.


Shimano® XTR® BB M950 Truvativ® ISIS Drive Bontrager® ISIS Drive (older XTR models)

Recommended Tools: BBT-18

NOTE: Adjustable type XTR M950 bottom brackets also require BBT-7 for lockring ring. For more detail on XTR® M950 bottom brackets see Adjustable Type Bottom Brackets.

The Shimano® XTR M950 model differs from the M952 describe above in that it is adjustable and serviceable. There are both round ball bearing and needle bearings on each side. The right cup is fixed. The left side cup has 8 external notches and a lockring with 6 external notches. Adjustments are made at the left cup, which is locked in place by a lockring. The right cup is fitted with 8 external notches, and uses the BBT-18 to install. The left side lockring uses the BBT-7, which is specifically made to exact tolerances for this ring. The left cup is fitted with 8 external notches, just like the right cup. The cup is held with the BBT-18 while the BBT-7 tightens the lockring.

Truvativ® and Bontrager® ISIS Drive bottom bracket cups use 8-notch cups, fitted by the BBT-18.


BBT-8 with cup



BB30 Bottom Bracket Systems

The BB30 are pressed bearings inside an unthreaded shell. The bearings are nominally 42mm outside diameter and 30mm inside diameter. To remove the bearing use the driver part of the BBT-30.3 tool set. A headset press and hammer are also required.



Use the bearing removal tool and a hammer to remove bearings

To install the bearings using the bushing that come with the tool set and a headset press


BB90 (BB86, BB92, "Shimano Press Fit",etc) Bottom Bracket Systems

The outside of the adapter is 41mm, slightly larger then the frame shell. The frame may be aluminum, carbon with an aluminum sleeve or just full carbon. Use the BBT-90.3 to service this system. A headset press is also required.

Bearing removal tool

Install adapter cups with #669 bushing from the BBT-90.3 set

Shimano® Dura-Ace® 7700 (adjustable bearing type)

Recommended Tools: BBT-22 and BBT-7

The Dura-Ace bottom bracket is similar to the XTR M950 in that it is serviciable. The bearings can be accessed and overhauled. The right cup and left-side lockring have 6 external notches. The BBT-7 is a precise fit to these notches. The left side cup has internal splines, which accept the BBT-22. Use the BBT-22 or BBT-32to hold the cup while the lockring is secured with the BBT-7.

NOTE: The Shimano® Dura-Ace 7703 is a non-adjustable cartrdige bottom bracket and uses only the BBT-22


Campagnolo® (Record and Chorus square-spindle cartridge types), and Mitche®

Recommended Tools: BBT-5/FR-11

Campagnolo bottom brackets use the BBT-5/FR-11. Each retaining cup as internal splines but the diameter is much smaller than the Shimano® spline fitting. The service procedurers are just like other cartridge type bottom brackets. The BBT-5/FR-11also fits the Campagnolo® rear cassette cog lockring.

  Fits------->  Campangolo Chorus or Record


Campagnolo® Veloce, Mirage, Centaur, Daytona, Avante, as well as "SC-S" and "AC-H" series

Recommended Tools: BBT-4

These bottom bracket retaining cups have six external notches. These notches are wider and deeper than traditional lockring types. Use the Park Tool BBT-4 to fit. The service procedurers are just like other cartridge type bottom brackets.

  Fits------->     Campagnolo Veloce Bottom Bracket


Adjustable Cup Type Bottom Brackets

Older bike and less expensive bikes may use an adjustable "cup and cone" type bottom brackets. For service procedures see Adjustable Type Bottom Brackets. It is necessary to inspect each cup for tool fittings. There are different tools for the drive side ("fixed cup"), non-drive side ("adjustable cup") and lockring.

Typical adjustable type bottom bracket.


For service see Adjustable Bottom Brackets.