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Master Truing Stand

When only the best equipment will do, look no further than the TS-3 Truing Stand. Built to exacting specifications using the highest quality materials available, this stand delivers an unprecedented level of accuracy. You now can quantify the trueness of a wheel using the optional factory dial indicator package. Designed from the ground up to be the new standard in truing stands, the TS-3 Truing Stand gives you all of these important features to assure you of absolute precision and accuracy.

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TS-3 Features

  • The TS-3 Truing Stand will center (dish) a wheel, relative to the faces of the hub locknut, to within 0.25mm (0.01 inch).
  • The linear motion of the upright arms ensures superior alignment.
  • Optional dial indicators provide quantified measurement of radial and lateral run out allowing exact specifications to be maintained, and allowing strict adherence to shop and industry standards.  
  • The angle of the TS-3 Truing Stand can be adjusted so it can be used comfortably by mechanics of different heights.
  • Precision ground parts and precise bearings ensure long-lasting, smooth operation.
  • The caliper arm moves quickly and easily saving time when mounting the wheel.
  • The arm stores out of the way to prevent damage to the arm.


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