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Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit — DOT

The BKD-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit will bleed most models of DOT fluid based hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic systems need bleeding to remove any air bubbles and to inject new, clean fluid.

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BKD-1 Features

  • Designed and built for home use and the rigors of daily commercial use
  • Includes two syringes, hoses with shutoff clips, multi-size bleed blocks and a unique attachable syringe mount
  • Housed in a rugged reusable case
  • Machined stainless steel and 7075 aluminum fittings to service SRAM®, Hayes®, Formula®, Hope® and other brands of DOT fluid based hydraulic brake systems
  • Replacement parts available
  • Brake fluid not included


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BKD-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit - DOT