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Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stand

The PRS-4.2 is a professional quality bench mount repairstand designed and built to withstand the rigors ofeveryday shop use. Includes three mounting holes, making it possible to clamp as high as 16.25" (41cm) from the bench surface.

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PRS-4.2-2 Features

  • The 100-3D Micro-Adjust clamp grips nearly any tube from 7/8" to 3" (23mm to 76mm), including aero tubes
  • The clamp jaws are nominally 2.75 inches (7cm) wide
  • Clamping height can be raised from 6.5" to16.25" (16cm to 41cm) above the bench surface
  • Clamp rotates 360 degrees
  • Heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Chrome plated for durability

Weight Limit: The PRS-4.2-1 and PRS-4.2-2 Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stands have a 100 lb. (45kg) weight limit, provided the stand is securely mounted with appropriate fasteners to a solid and secure bench surface. The user is responsible for making sure the workbench and the fasteners are capable of handling this amount of weight.


Parts & Accessories


Professional Micro-Adjust Clamp


Replacement Jaw Covers


Tool Kaddie with Stand Mount


Deluxe Tool and Work Tray

PRS-4.2-1 & PRS-4.2-2 Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stand