The Park Tool FR-5GT, Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin, click to enlarge
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Item # FR-5GT

(discontinued) / Tools / Cassette & Freewheel

Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin

The FR-5GT has been discontinued and replaced by the FR-5.2GT.

The FR-5GT is designed specifically for use when removing and installing cassette lockrings from thru axle hubs.

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FR-5GT Features

  • Utilizes a 12mm guide pin to stabilize the tool in use
  • Fits 12-spline cassette lockrings from Shimano ®, SRAM®, SunRace®, SunTour®, Chris King® and others (23.5mm diameter)
  • Fits some Shimano® and similar disc brake rotor lockrings

NOTE: To determine your cassette / freewheel type and the appropriate tool for it, please see the Instructional Videos section.

Instructional Videos

FR-5GT Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin (Discontinued)