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Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set

The BBP-1.2 quickly and accurately installs bottom bracketbearings into press fit-type bottom bracket shells.

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BBP-1.2 Features

  • Quick release design allows for fast installation and removal of tool
  • 12 precision-machined bushings (in 7 sizes) to fit these bottom bracket configurations:
    • 386EVO
    • BB30
    • BB86
    • BB90
    • BB92
    • BB95
    • BB121
    • BMX Mid
    • BMX Spanish
    • OSBB
    • PF41
    • Press Fit 24
    • PressFit GXP®
    • BBright™ Direct Fit
    • PF30 BBright™ Press Fit
    • Shimano® Press Fit
    • All Press Fit DUB®
  • Works on bottom bracket shell widths from 68mm to 150mm

NOTE: Bottom bracket bearings for 30mm spindles use 2292-2 drifts. It is important to first install any other drift from the BBP-1.2 against the handle assembly before using the 2292-2 drifts (see image gallery). This extra drift prevents the smaller (DUB®, 28.99mm) side of the 2292-2 drift from contacting the handle press plate and being pushed into the handle.


BBP-1.2 Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Set

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