Item # BMK-232

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Base Master Tool Kit

This is it! The tool set… to end all tool sets. Pretty much anything and everything we could think of is included in this collection. Designed for the professional, full-service mechanic, the BMK-232 is a complete set of professional level tools, fixtures, lubricants, gauges, and accessories. The perfect way to start a repair business, open or expand a bike shop, or create the ultimate home workshop. Over 246 shop quality tools from the only company in the world capable of such a feat. Tool envy — it's a beautiful thing!

The BMK-232 includes everything in the MK-246 except major frame and fork cutting tools and accessories.

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BMK-232 Features

Shipping weight and dimensions:

Box: Size: Weight:
#1 43"x14"x7" 54 lbs.
#2 22"x14"x18" 55 lbs.
#3 22"x14"x18" 51 lbs.
#4 22"x21"x8" 15 lbs.