TM-1 Service & Repair

Over time, especially with the repetitive use experienced in a shop, the spring on the TM-1 Tension Meter can come out of adjustment or wear out completely, causing the TM-1 to come out of calibration and no longer read spoke tensions correctly. The spring wearing out is considered wear and tear not covered by Park Tool's warranty, but Park Tool does offer service and repair for the TM-1.

Park Tool will replace the spring on a TM-1 and calibrate for a typical fee of $10.00 (sender is responsible for postage fees both ways).

If the TM-1 requires service above and beyond spring replacement and calibration, a Park Tool representative will call with an estimate before any repairs are performed.

To Use This Service

  1. Safely package the TM-1 Tension Meters, then print and fill out the downloadable form and include it inside the package.
  2. Seal package securely.
  3. Ship package to:
    Park Tool
    Attention: TM-1 Service
    5115 Hadley Ave. N.
    St. Paul, MN 55128

Park Tool is not responsible for damage or loss while in transit.

Third-Party Service Centers

Park Tool has a select number of approved third-party TM-1 service locations outside of the United States. Please contact the merchant for details and instructions.

Czech Republic
Beranovych 130,
199 05 Praha 9
Phone: +420 724 554 211

The Concept Wheels
Peter Chua
Blk 231, Pasir Ris Drive 4
Singapore 510231
Phone: 65-97895334

United Kingdom
Sharp Precision Wheels
Attn: Ben Sharp
Unit 9 Lascombe Estate
Highfield Lane
Phone: 01403 333 211