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On the Ride Chain Repair (Repair Help Article) Video

This article will review temporary repairs to address common on-the-ride chain problems, including tight links, broken chains, and twisted chains.

Shop Rag Issue 5 — 28 New Tools for 2016 (Shop Rag Newsletter)

We've been busy again this year. At Eurobike and Interbike we featured 28 new products designed to make your bicycle work faster and easier. From a fresh take on multi-tools to some new, problem-solving shop tools, this year's lineup is more proof of our commitment to building the best, most comprehensive tool line in the industry. Take a video tour of the new products with Park Tool Engineer Max and Chief Mechanic Eric Hawkins.

Shop Rag Issue 17 — New in Blue! (Shop Rag Newsletter)

Learn about new products for 2019, Calvin's visit to GCN, and more in this issue of Park Tool Shop Rag!

Laser Engraving Request

Complete this form to start a request for custom laser engraving of Park Tool IB-1 and IB-2 multi-tools.

Shop Rag Issue 24 — New in Blue Ep. 8 (Shop Rag Newsletter)

Learn about all-new tools like the MTB-5 Rescue Tool, the history of Park Tool multi-tools, and more in this issue of Shop Rag!

Shop Rag Issue 1 — Bridging the Gap to a New Tool (Shop Rag Newsletter)

Let’s imagine that bike company XYZ has come out with a cool new component that requires a new tool. How does that new bike component give birth to a new, blue tool?

Custom Laser Engraving

Now your shop name or logo can accompany your customers wherever they ride. Order a minimum of 40 I-Beam multi-tools and we'll custom engrave them at no charge*.

Chain Length Sizing (Repair Help Article) Video

Replacement chains for bicycles are usually longer than you need. This repair help article will take you step by step through the different methods of sizing a bike chain.

Cities Visit Minneapolis to Learn Best Practices (Park Tool News)

Park Tool was one of the companies who played host to nine senior transportation leaders and policy makers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio, who visited Minneapolis to tour the city’s vast bicycling network last week.

Freewheel — Destructive Removal (Repair Help Article)

This article will discuss removing freewheels that have no removal tool option. This will be useful if the wheel is to be reused, but it will effectively destroy the freewheel. For wheels that are damaged with these types of freewheels, it is best to simply replace both the complete wheel and freewheel.

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IB-3 Parts Diagram (pdf)

Parts Diagram for IB-3 I-Beam Multi-Tool PDF—88.996 KB